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Returns policy

Returns policy


To return a product, you have a maximum period of 7  days from receipt of the product. 



We may decide to cancel your order. Examples in which we may not accept your order are the following:

  1.                When the Products that appear on the Platform are no longer available
  2.                When we are unable to obtain authorization for your payment
  3.                When the Product is subject to shipping restrictions
  4.                When the Product displayed on the Platform contains a manifest error, such as that the price is not correct or that it is displayed or is incorrectly described
  5.                When we cannot process the order for technical reasons
  6.                 When we know or reasonably suspect that the order has been made with the help or intervention of any software, robot, tracker, spider or any other automated device or procedure

How do you proceed to return a product? 

For returns, a voucher will be created with the amount of the purchase to spend on future purchases in our online store or physical store without expiration date

All returns must be approved by Padel Tree, for which the following requirements must be met

  1. The products must be returned in the same conditions in which you received them, together with their complete original packaging, labels and together with any accessories related to them. The blades must have the seal on the handle. If a shovel is sent without a seal, the product will not be returned and it will be at the customer's expense to pick it up at the store. For the shipment of shoes, or other products that have their own box, said box has to be protected since it is considered part of the article, and cannot be used as a shipping box. Products must be new and unused, in perfect condition. 
  2. The package must have a paper inside indicating the data (name, shipment reference and a contact telephone number 
  3. You are responsible for proving that the items have been returned, so we recommend that you always send your returns through a system that certifies delivery. 
  4. You will be responsible for the shipping costs of returning the product.  
  5. In no case will we accept returns sent postage due. 
  6. Padel Tree reserves the right not to accept products that belong to a single order, returned and delivered at different times.
  7. Returned products must be sent in a single delivery, to the following address 

Padel Tree
padel in -Aspire zone
DOHA ,Qatar
Telf : +974 3057 7444 (Important, once the package has been sent you must contact the store only through this phone)