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Padel Rackets Types


Choosing a Racket: Power vs. Control

Padel Racket- This is the main types of the rackets

What is a control racket ?

Control rackets are ideal for padel players who prefer precision over power and tend to have a more defensive style of play. A good control padel racket reduces the chances of mis-hits that lead to points lost in the game.


Control rackets excel in managing the ball in defense and placing it exactly where you want. Most rackets with control as their primary characteristic are round and have a low or medium balance point.

What is a POWER racket?

Many people consider the smash the most amazing shot in padel, and everyone wants to be able to kick-smash the ball out of the court. Although it’s mostly about technique, an offensive racket can be helpful.

Rackets for offensive play have a high balance point due to their drop or diamond shape. Top-heavy rackets generate more power in the swing, which helps the ball travel faster.

Power rackets, however, place certain demands on the player, so they may not be suitable for everyone.

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