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Buy Padel Racket - How To Choose The Right Padel Racket?

Finding the right padel racket can be tricky, as there is a wide variety to choose from. Different shapes, sizes and materials… With so many options at our disposal, it’s normal to feel lost.

Be careful in staying with the first one that catches your eyes! You have to take into account the characteristics that suit your needs and style of play. Choosing the wrong padel racket will not only harm you in the game, but it can cause injuries.

Choosing the perfect padel racket is not easy, so here we will mention certain key characteristics to take into account when buying one. Take note!

Types Of Padel Rackets Available In The Market !

There are different types of padel rackets available in the market. You should choose one based on its size, weight, shape, material, and price.

One of the main characteristics of padel rackets is the shape, since it has the ability to greatly influence the style of the game. In general, we can distinguish between 3 types of shapes:



The round padel rackets are control padel rackets. It’s characterized by having the sweet spot in the center of the padel racket (with the sweet spot we mean the ideal area where the ball should land to get a good hit) and this is larger than in the rest of the forms. Therefore, the round shaped padel rackets are ideal for all types of players, especially beginners.



Another vital aspect to take into account when choosing a padel racket is the rigidity of its surface, that is, the level of flexibility that a padel racket has when pressure is applied to it. This characteristic is directly influenced by the material with which it is made. Thus, we can find:


Soft Padel Rackets

These padel rackets are made of fiberglass as the main fabric. This material shows a greater degree of flexibility, which means that when the ball hits the padel racket, it bounces more. In addition, they absorb most of the energy when they come into contact with the ball, which makes them more comfortable and ideal for beginners, since with them it is easier to return aggressive hits.


Hard Padel Rackets

The hard padel rackets are made of carbon fiber. This material is harder and less flexible than fiberglass, so generally soft padel rackets don’t have carbon in their composition (or they have very little). The padel rackets made with this material are more expensive because they are also more durable than soft padel rackets, because the quality and characteristics of carbon fiber remain intact for a longer time.


In the paddle tennis market there is a great variety of carbon fabrics (conventional carbon, 12K carbon …), so it’s also important to know the level of hardness / flexibility of it. 


Diamond shape

Diamond shaped padel rackets are power padel rackets. They are ideal for more experienced players who prefer more power when hitting the ball, either due to lack of force or because they like the ball to bounce a lot. The negative point of this way is that they have less control, since the sweet spot is smaller and it is located more in the area of the tip of the padel racket.


Teardrop shape

The teardrop-shaped padel rackets are known as balanced padel rackets. This is because its shape is born from the mixture of round padel rackets and diamond padel rackets, so they are a perfect balance between control and power. This form is recommended for players who already have some experience and who have a more balanced game, that is, they do not need much control or too much power.



Weight plays a fundamental role in choosing the right padel racket. There is no strict rule about the exact grams that a padel racket must weigh, so it all depends on the player’s preferences.

Padel rackets are divided into two key categories with respect to weight: light and heavy padel rackets. A heavier padel racket will give you good power but will reduce control, while a lighter padel racket will give you more control and less power. Light padel rackets are more suitable for beginners and amateurs, while heavy padel rackets are more suitable for advanced and experienced players.



The core is another essential aspect to consider. When we talk about the core, we refer to the rubber used in the construction of the flat surface of the paddle tennis racket. The most frequently used types of rubbers are:

  • FOAM. The foam is used to make padel rackets with a soft touch. It’s a cheaper and more flexible material, which is why it is generally used for low-level padel rackets.
  • EVA. The cores made of EVA rubber are the most popular today. This material is more durable and rigid than foam.



As we have already mentioned, there is no single perfect padel racket for everyone, but each player has their own style of play.


In PADEL TREE we care a lot about covering the needs and characteristics of all types of players that exist, starting with those who have just started playing PADEL tennis and reaching the most professional players, that is why on our website you will find a large number of options.


Mentally answer these questions, which are also key when choosing the right shovel:


  • Are you a beginner or a professional player?
  • Do you prefer a defensive or aggressive style of play?
  • Are you a frequent gamer or an occasional gamer?
  • What is the budget you can afford to spend on a padel racket?




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